4 characteristics that every skating backpack must have

The skating cases must be of excellent quality and have everything necessary to withstand heavy use, among its features are .....

Types of skating suitcases:

1) School, skates and all implements are kept inside the backpack

2) Professional, the skates are visible and the other implements go inside

Composition and materials

the skating cases must be made of a resistant material, if possible waterproof, that does not tear easily, in addition to distributing the weight evenly to avoid damaging the athlete's back, suitcases made of natural fiber fabrics should be avoided since Being extensively exposed to the sweat that remains on the skates can start to have a bad smell and deteriorate, compromising the structural strength of the backpack.

The skating case must be distributed in at least 4 compartments:

Helmet pocket

This is exclusively for the helmet that for hygiene must be separated from the skates (who happens to keep an implement that is in contact with his face next to one with his feet without forgetting the dirt and grime in general), usually goes in a separate pocket in the middle of the suitcase.

Skates pocket

The skates must be positioned at the ends, in independent pockets, vertically with the wheels adjusted towards the back, distributing the weight evenly so that it does not injure the athlete, the compartment is reinforced in the areas where it comes into contact with the wheels of the skate, because with the intense use for months of inserting and removing the skates the material is wearing away, a good backpack must have this reinforcement or it will not last long. There are also backpacks that allow the skates to be carried externally, these must have tapes with enough resistance to keep the skates in place.

Internal central pocket

The central pocket should be wide enough so that all belongings are safe inside the backpack and if possible with a pocket that allows quick access to keys, phones, money.

Innovation in loaders

The key piece of a good skating bag are the straps, that piece that holds the entire backpack anchored to your back, it must be adjustable and padded so that the weight does not abuse your shoulders, the back must be padded to improve comfort, it must have an additional safety harness that adjusts to the chest to prevent the straps from slipping during the transport of the backpack, optionally you can also have a belt that fits the hip this will give an extra reinforcement to the stability of the skater.

A backpack of maximum quality and comfort must have the latest technology. We are talking about thermoforming, it is used in various fields of the industry, Nomadas is a leading manufacturer that is implementing it in their briefcases, this improves the quality of life and comfort of the athlete, allows him to stay cool, also gives him a exceptional aesthetic touch.

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